Biston and a few WIPs

Apologies for the dead air… I was feeling quite under the weather the last week and when I did rallied, I rallied in the direction of my summer to-do list. Anyway, the winners from my last post’s competition were Kimberly and Kim. Congrats! Here’s what I’ve been working on lately. I knit the entire body […]


Between the last Masters I did and finally finding a job with decent hours (love my job, by the way!), the last few years have meant that I have had to scale back my knitting alot. Sewing has had something to do with it, but not as much as you’d think…usually I sew when I […]

Stitching in general

I love learning new things. Of course, part of this is making a lot of mistakes, getting stuck and having to figure it out. Fitting. Lots of fitting. Basting and re-basting. Discovering that my hand-stitching does not hold up under the weight of the fabric. I could probably persist but I think some plain old […]

Knitting progress

It is clear that my knitting needs and wants have changed over the last few years. I prefer simple, functional knits and rank colour and fibre choice over design details. This was never a conscious decision, rather a gradual evolution towards knits that need less attention. Just because I can knit hard things doesn’t mean […]