FO: Pomegranate sweater

I realised in my last Knitting round-up that I never got proper photos of my Pomegranate sweater. Last shown here at the beginning of last April, this was a pleasant spring knit. I started out wanting to knit the ‘real’ Pomegranate sweater. I loved the colour and was thrilled to find something similar in Debbie […]

Knitting round-up

My knitting has grown exceptionally dull in the last few years. I think it is the result of so many years of exuberant sweater knitting – I still have very few sweater needs. As my working life has changed, so too has what I want from knitting. A lot of the time, I just want […]

Eve of the Eve

I’m home for Christmas. In talking with others during the weekend about Christmas, it struck me just how varied and personal each and every one of our Christmases are. However and whatever you celebrate, I wish you a peaceful yuletide and safe passage should you be travelling. Now, blessing imparted, let me tell you what […]

Neckwarmer for chilly weather

It’s turned decidedly more wintry in these parts lately, with biting wind and low temperatures. It’s a good thing, so, that I finished this up recently. I’m not sure exactly what got me on to the track of wanting to knit something like this but down the rabbit hole I went. The pattern I used […]

Chuck reknit

This technically isn’t new. I made it last winter but never wore it as I was unhappy with a few things. Firstly, I made many errors in the front chart. Then, the sleeve caps were both different and misshapen. I finally got around to ripping it out and reknitting it. The pattern is Chuck by […]