Tam O’Shanty

Firstly, check out my new banner! Muchos Huggos to Alberto Supremo for sorting me out with it! Check out more of his excellent photos at focus pocus. \o/ I am about half way through my first sleeve for Lucky. I was ploughing through it when I just cracked up. Sleeves drive me crazy. No one […]

Scarf Ahoy! Yarrr

Horray! the axa competition is over, and i got back down to some serious knitting today 🙂 i finally finished the narrow clapotis i’m knitting as a christmas present for aoife, who did such an amazing job designing some concert clothes for me last year. i only did one set of increases at the beginning, […]

fetchez la vache!

this saturday, i’m playing in the irish preliminaries of the AXA dublin international piano competition. there are twelve of us, and i think the top five get through. i have been concentrating so much on my programme that this evening i said, enough is enough. i went to the shop and got popcorn, stuck on […]

Finger Puppets

This evening, i decided to get down to it and make some finger puppets. they don’t really look it, but the stripey one is a tiger (rarrr) and the other one is a red pig. after talking to my sister and my mum about it, i’ve decided to send them to a baby that i […]


it’s finally working! i have never done anything like this before so i’m really looking forward to learning lots of new things. many thanks and secret monkeys to alb for helping me get this set up and for answering my unending questions like, “why won’t it work?” and “when will it be working?” 😀 so, […]