Day 15

15 days to go. I have thirty more rows to go on the yoke. I can do this! I’m already on my second ball of six so I think I’m going to need a few more… Looks so innocent, doesn’t it? Blue socks have been abandoned for the moment in favour of Argosy. Yum yum […]

A Quickie

I couldn’t resist showing my evening’s progress on the Birthday Jumper! It doesn’t look like an awful lot because it keeps rolling up on itself, but I’ve got about five inches going on there, so my yoke is nearly half done! This is the worst part of a top-down V-neck… all that purling back until […]

Out of chaos comes knitting

Chaos. It’s amazing how three weeks of utter pandemonium, during which all hairdryers, camera cables, measuring tapes, pencil cases, matching shoes, stitch markers, and my favourite darning needle vanish into thin air, can be contained in one glorious word! And of course, to keep balance on the universe, I don’t find the things that have […]