Errands and things

Today was a day of errands and odd jobs. Ever notice how long it takes to get anything done at the bank? All I wanted was to set up online banking and it took half an hour. Then there was the HairCut. Anyone looking for hair extensions or a wig? My hair grows fast and […]

The January Greens

Yesterday, I had a serious attack of the January Greens and was rid only by knitting a beret and matching tube scarf… I blocked it over a dinner plate last night and left it by the stove to dry out. Result! This is worth doing if only to see the reactions of your family watching […]

The kind you’d find in a second hand store

Well, it’s not a raspberry beret, but it’s still a beret (in the making)… Perhaps I took my own resolution of knitting only from the stash a bit literally by knitting something out of the new Colinette mohair! The pattern is my own, but magicked up through some magical feat of memory of a white […]