birthday spongebob

today is my brother’s birthday and since it’s january 6th, it’s also the last knees-up before we all get properly stuck into the new year. my brother works and lives in athlone, and he is driving home to sligo this evening so we can all celebrate his birthday together. so, i baked a birthday cake! i’m no michelin-star chef, but i can still bake a mean sponge.

Lucky from SNBN

mums have fantastic finding abilities. it must be a pyschic change that occurs when you have children that allows you to magically find things that have been lost. MY mum found me a connection cable for my camera within five minutes of me asking her if she’d seen one around. magic!

so here is my progress on ‘lucky’ from SNBN. i ordered rowan’s 4-ply cotton from, an english company. they sent me a free pen and a jelly santy as well for christmas 🙂