Knitting progress

It is clear that my knitting needs and wants have changed over the last few years. I prefer simple, functional knits and rank colour and fibre choice over design details. This was never a conscious decision, rather a gradual evolution towards knits that need less attention. Just because I can knit hard things doesn’t mean […]

New year pants

I don’t know why these crack me up, but they do. I start laughing when I put them on and it’s possible I may dance too. Pattern: Model 122 from Burda magazine, 1/13 (January 2013). Fabric: About 75cm of wool leftover from this dress. Still incredulous I squeezed a pair of pants out of it! […]

2012 roundup

2012 was a really good year. I started it not having a job and I finished it having a really good one. I teach five days a week now: three days in one school (so I consider that my main job and is enough to sustain me if the others don’t work out), two days […]

Just checking in

…to wish you all a happy new year! I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays – I certainly have. I managed to do a little bit of a lot of things. I intend to do a recap of 2012 but for now, I have a few updates on what I’ve been working on. I […]