A Knitting Guild for Ireland

I had a little rant about the fact that there is no knitting guild in Ireland last weekend during the knitting class I gave. Does this not strike anyone else as appalling? When I search for ‘irish knitting guild’, among the first results are two entries from my own blog saying, why don’t we have […]

Groovy Gussets

You may have to squint but it’s there. Thank God I have finally joined it in the round. Purling back across more than 300 stitches put my sanity well and truly to the test. My mother appeared on Sunday night with a favourite jumper for me to measure against. The yoke is not as deep […]

Ruby Red and Apple Green

It’s funny how things snowball. My desire for a chunky, snug cardigan – inspired by this – led me to This is Knit. A quick knit and nothing too expensive were my only requirements. Mmm, an autumnal red. Lovely. Like wine, maple leaves or your cheeks from the cold. Upon the advice of some in […]

Stash Sale Update!

Here’s an update of the items that are left. I’ve also got magazines to add – €3 each or €10 for 4. All are pretty much in perfect condition. The magazines include: Simply Knitting: June, July 2005; February, Spring, May, July – December 2006; January – June 2007 including Spring issue. Knitting: February 2005; August […]

Stash sale!

I’ve decided to wade through five years worth of yarn. Some of it is good, some of it is not so good but still useful, so I’m going to stick it all up here and offer it for sale. Unfortunately I can’t afford to offer free postage, but if you want me to post, I […]