Quarter Century

Yep, I reached the big 25 today! The older I get, the more I enjoy my birthday. I had a good day. I got all my practice done, I had my last day of teaching, and my dad had made dinner for me when I got home. And I just had a cornetto. Fantastic. A […]

FO – 154

I think good weather brings out a subtle difference in people. I got the train down to Galway on Friday and there was something about the combination of the sun and the long weekend that got everybody talking. I spent most of the journey knitting away on 154 and chatting to the two lads beside […]

New Slang

Ever hear that song by The Shins? It’s got a very wellies-at-a-festival feel to it 😀 There has been a lot of sudden socialising, which hasn’t been helped by a sudden influx of lessons. It hasn’t stopped me from casting on for a bazillion more things – and forgetting to take photos of the things […]