Cruchy omlettes

It’s been a day of crunchy omlettes – some good things and some bad things. (I mean the crunchy omlette thing literally, btw. I dropped half an egg shell into my eggs before beating them and somehow didn’t notice until it was all in the pan! It still tasted good). Here are some of the […]

Numbers and charts

I’m not very good at being unwell. Yesterday I was at that in-between stage where I’m too ill to be up and too well to be in bed. But I’m stubborn, you see, so not only did I stay up but I insisted on trying to do things that involved brain function! Take it from […]

Insert title here

It’s been quite a day! This morning, I wended my way to This is Knit with my notebook and swatches. It was so nice to talk to Lisa about wool and patterns and all things knitterly. I put forth two ideas and after some happy mulling, came away with some of this… I christen thee, […]

The fall of Superwoman

Although my similarity to Superwoman begins and ends with a desire to fly (and I think her desire is followed by actual flight)… we all have to admit fallibility from time to time. I have some sort of stomach bug. Tragically grave though my condition may seem, I have the suspicion that it’s my body’s […]