When it rains, it pours

Today, I was planning on hitting Knit New York over by Union Square and the heading on down to Chinatown to take some photos… but then this happened. It is torrential. My sister dug out some rain gear for me but in the end, I figured, what’s the fun in tramping around in the rain? […]

Come for the Klimt, stay for the Strudel

Greetings from the Big Apple! Today I ventured out of jet-lag and into the world of Manhattan. There was alot of getting lost because even though New York is very easy to navigate due to its grid system, you’d really need a compass to know which way was up when you come out of a […]

Desperation Knitting

I got through everything – check in and security check in – about twenty minutes. I’ve met two different strangers and had some funny conversations. My taxi driver told me how he used to work in Premier Dairies (a factory that used to be down the road from my house but now has apartments on […]

Sneak Peek

Here’s what I’ve been working on to take to New York. I can only show you a sneak peek because it’s for my sister! I have finished the body and just have to do the border now. I need to finish that today because I have to block it before I leave! I couldn’t resist […]