Some progress and a worthy cause

I’m having trouble getting started today, I’m just not enjoying anything. But at least there’s always knitting. Magic Loop sock is flying along! I really like the emerging colourway on this. I’ve cast on for the Alien Head top too, but it doesn’t look like anything right now. Looking forward to getting into the lace […]

Sleeves and Alien Heads

Yesterday, I just pinged out. It’s probably the best way to describe it. However, I did get to meet the excellent Steve, Kev, Siobhán and Donny for dinner in the evening so it wasn’t all bad. Today, despite feeling worse, I just got up and got stuck into my work because the sooner I start, […]

Zissou and an arm rant

Ever since I saw Team Zissou, complete with red hats, at the electric picnic, I have had an itch to knit myself a Zissou hat. Alb said that the challenge would be in making the top of it sort of flat and square. Upon further investigation, it is in fact only Bill Murray’s (aka Steve […]

Some items of interest

First off, allow me to point out what a great issue this season’s Interweave Knits is. Among other things, there are two great articles about creating shaping in lace knitting by the ever-stunning Eunny Jang. There are also some really nice knits. Not mental knits, just regular things you’d like to knit. I am quite […]


Electric Picnic was great fun. After spending considerable time on Saturday looking for the Knitting Tent in the wrong place, I happened upon it by accident on Sunday. This was convenient because Alb wanted to sit on the stool, drink some beer and watch the excellent Irish acts on at the Big Tree, and I […]