FO: V-neck blouse

Here are some more details about the blouse I briefly showed yesterday. Sorry it’s a bit wrinkly; I wore it yesterday to work and forgot to iron it before taking the photos. Pattern: Vintage ‘Advance’ pattern I got on Etsy. It’s marked as size 14.5 for a 35″ bust. Fabric: Almost 1.5m of cotton poplin […]

A quick one

Just to show a quick peek at my blouse that I finished yesterday. I tried it in when I had basted both sleeves in and to my surprise, no fitting for the shoulders was necessary. It’s a miracle! I suppose I could have fiddled about with then to make them a little more sleek but […]

Outfit for a cold day and a sleeve

Here’s what I’m wearing today. It’s a good example of something I made recently along with something I made this time last year. Grey check dress, royal blue cowl neck top, grey thermal tights. Add hot pink lipstick and I’m ready to go to work! I got a sleeve completed on my blouse this morning. […]

A morning’s collar

I think it turned out quite nicely, though the notch is nowhere as pronounced as in the pattern picture. I think I like it better this way. Looking forward to having this to wear. I cut out the pieces for my black skirt and all that remains is to pick a jacket pattern.

A blouse

I have been thinking about approaching what I make a little differently. I have been thinking about making some ‘outfits’. I made a few last year – the Passport dress and jacket, the tartan skirt and green jumper and the brown herringbone skirt with brown Renfrew polo neck. I have worn the last two outfits […]