Another Liverpool Blouse

I know I briefly mentioned completing this blouse a while ago. I thought that, since this is what I’m wearing today, it would be a good time to share. Just a plain white blouse. The cotton is heavier than regular shirting, with a slightly looser weave, so with a few washes has become indescribably soft. […]

Some fun

I bought some tracing paper in The Cloth Shop at the weekend and while there, I spotted this fun ribbon. I think I’ll use it with one of the awesome fat quarters I bought at Pippa Blue to make a cover for my overlocker. It was only €1.80 for a metre. And speaking of bang […]

The other thing

This, my friends, is the other thing I mentioned I got at the K&S show. Momentous, no? It is a Brother 1034d overlocker and I hadn’t really intended on buying one at all. About a week before the show, I was pottering online and thought: if I were to buy an overlocker sometime, what’s a […]

Parcel Motel and Bertha

Hi there! I want to tell you all about a new service in Dublin called Parcel Motel. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything – I just used it and found it to be really good. Basically, it’s a delivery service run by NightLine couriers. They have automated delivery boxes located in 24-hour petrol station […]

An extremely biased review

As I mentioned, I went to the Knitting & Stitching show yesterday. I really enjoyed it so here is my extremely biased review 🙂 I bought my ticket in advance and went with my Mum, who queued at the door. We were there before it opened so I got in straight away and she didn’t […]