I have been churning out the green thing, but I swear, if I had something else to do this probably would have been finished about a week ago. That’s not to say that I have been entirely monogamous! To break the boredom, I cast on for some Twisted Flower socks. I’m using Araucania Semi Solid […]

Cinnamon Twists

You know you’re better when you want to bake cinnamon twists! Cinnamon twists are just strips of a basic yeast dough dipped in butter, rolled in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon, twisted up and baked until crispy. This was my first time making a yeast dough and I have to say, leaving a bowl […]

A knitter’s tonic

After all the training I’ve had as a musician, when somebody tells me that I need a tonic, it always sounds funny to me. I think to myself, why just a tonic? Why not a supertonic? Or, the most musically satisfying of them all, a dominant-tonic? So there I was, chuckling away to myself in […]

Guess what I’ve got…!

It isn’t yarn. It isn’t a new FO. It isn’t even some old gingerbreadmen. Of all the fun things in the world, I got me a kidney infection instead. For those luckily not in the know, a kidney infection is just like having ‘flu (chills, fever and vomiting) with the added bonus of what I […]

Some loose ends

I have had a few loose ends that needed tying up before we all get back to normality. Let me present to you… the black socks. I am never knitting socks on 2mm needles ever again. Because of these suckers, I now own two partial and one complete set of 2mm sock needles. …Some Jitterbug […]