It’s raining men!

… Gingerbread men, that is. I made double the quantity and rolled the dough out thinner so I ended up with nearly 50 men. I’ve popped them in the freezer in little bags of 6 until they are needed – the icing I use dries pretty quickly so all I need to do is remember […]

Got my toes, got my hats, got my wool, got my liver

I always find it funny how Nina Simone throws her liver into that song (I think it’s being used as on a Ballygowan or Flora advert right now). Anyway, I do have toes. Ain’t got no feet though… yet After all the drama this sock has been through, finishing up the toes was a total […]

Some ups and downs

After the downer of breaking some of my sock needles, I have finally made it to the toe of my first sock. These Opal bamboos are holding up pretty well but there’s no denying that 2mm is really tiny. I hope I get the second one finished up in time! I finished the lace wrap […]

Christmas Baking

I figured since it’s already December 1st, I should get some Christmas baking done. I can’t explain it, but baking up stuff that I can’t eat is really fun to me. So what do you make when you get everything out and discover you’ve only one egg? Why, gingerbread men of course! They tried to […]

Beyond the Beyonds

Ok. One broken needle justly deserved some screams. But another? This is beyond the beyonds I can’t work in such conditions! This one just snapped in my hand last night. I think I should bin the remaining three and spare myself the torture (coincidentally, my examining work brings me eerily close to an unbrittle needle […]