I was supposed to teach a Custom Fitting your Knits class out at This is Knit this Saturday but unfortunately have to reschedule (it’s a long story and entirely my fault). A Beginner’s class has taken its place. It is a perfect class if you’re a complete beginner or if you’re looking for some guidance […]


Yesterday, I knitted nearly an entire sleeve. Unbelievable, I hear you cry. Inconceivable! I assure you, I speak the truth! …If the truth is a sleeve that denies one’s hand of blood. Let this be a lesson to fellow knitters not to compute figures late at night. For some reason, I decided the amount of […]


I’ve noticed Irish gourmet foods really starting to take off here in the last few years. I think there have been a lot of factors involved – we all have more money, for instance, and are more willing than ever to part with it. But I think the age where we were agriculturally competitive has […]

The knit goes on

Thanks to everyone who shared their views about my Guild idea. I’d love to hear more thoughts on the subject because there are pros and cons to everything. I am waiting for more information to come through from the Crafts Council so until then, I am mulling things over. I find that knitting and mulling […]