FO – Monkey Socks

Behold! They are finished! Pattern: Monkey from Knitty. Yarn: Crystal Palace Panda Cotton, a bamboo, cotton and nylon sock yarn. Super soft. I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out, but I think I have finally lost my cuff-down mojo…. Toe-ups? Moi? Incredible though it may seem, here before you lies a short-row garter […]

Pimp My Shawl

I have acquired a set of the new Addi Lace needles. Can knitting get any more bling? I have been hankering after a nice summer shawl for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge. The yarn? Paton’s Fairytale 2-ply which mysteriously only comes in white. The pattern? Icarus from Interweave Knits Summer […]

Summer Sweater Sprint #2 – FO Lace Leaf T-shirt

I finished this last Thursday! Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cathay in Petrol Blue. Needles: 4.5mm Denise. Modifications: This was intended to be an off-the-shoulder t-shirt so I drastically reduced the number of stitches to cast on for the neckline – I think I had about a hundred. If anyone really wants to know, I have it […]

Anti-Wrinkle Knitting

They say too much sun gives you wrinkles. I, however, am increasingly of the opinion that too much rain can also give you wrinkles. Impossible! I hear you cry, unthinkable! Well, let me ask you this: is it possible to walk out in the rain without scrunching up your face to the point where you […]

T-shirts and socks

Am I being too hopeful or is the weather starting to pick up? Just a little bit? I have continued with my optomistic knitting of the Lace Leaf T-shirt just to spite the rain. Hope springs eternal It’s turning out quite nicely isn’t it? For those of you who are unfortunate enough to be uninitiated […]