Summer Sweater Sprint

Yes! I’m going to do it! One sweater a week for the next ten weeks! It’s going to be hard, it’s going to require grit and stamina like you’ve never seen before… but I’m going to do it! Here is the final cut of sweaters that made the grade. 1. Puff-Sleeved Cardigan from Fitted Knits […]

FO – Twisted Flower Socks

Here they are, in all their cable-popping glory. My apologies for the poor lighting. The sun simply did not come out to play today. It seems a shame to cover up these guys with shoes. In fact, they are so much fun to wear that I almost feel compelled to wear nothing but these socks… […]


Many thanks to one and all who wished me well for my exams – and for everyone who dropped in to say hello and congrats about the article! Glad you all enjoyed it. I had my final recital yesterday afternoon and I’m pleased to report that it went very well. There were a few fluffs. […]

Well, look who it is

Did you see it yesterday? The bit in the Times?! Of all the things I thought I’d be in the paper for – robbery (of wool), arson (no wool left), mutiny (“knitters unite to overthrow unsheeply government”) or maybe my piano playing (“pianist in woolly one-piece faints during rectial”) – I wasn’t really expecting such […]

Neels in the News

No knitting to show today, I’m afraid! Things are hectic chez Neels but all in a good cause… I will be finished next Tuesday. Hurrah! In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s Irish Times Saturday magazine. They have a column called I Made It Myself and I was interviewed for it about two […]