In it for the money

No knitting to show today, and I will probably give Knitting Group in town a miss today too. How come? Well, yesterday I played in a piano competition and won a five-figure sum 😀 Today I am going to wallow in the glory and, to be honest, relief of having won. If I hadn’t won […]

Nightmare on Sock Street

Every knitter has a fear. Every knitter pretends they don’t. I can’t take it any longer. I have to confess. I have a fear of toe-up socks. I can’t bring myself to knit one. This morning I decided I needed some mindless knitting to make up for the Twisted Flower sock and the working out […]

Saturday Night Knitting

Yesterday was a proper pyjama day: facemask on and doing the nails in front of the tv. I got a lot of knitting done needless to say! First up is the unending entertainment that is my Twisted Flower sock. This isn’t very good for tv knitting as it is all chart work, but is perfect […]

It’s in the bag

Thank you, one and all, for your lovely well wishes! It’s been quite overwhelming! I must remember to have birthdays more often 😀 Yesterday, as you all probably know – or should know – TIK had their Grand Opening Day with none other than Debbie Bliss as their guest of honour. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make […]