It’s an ill wind

“It’s an ill wind that blows no luck”. In the last 24 hours I have had my fair share of both ill wind and luck! Let’s get the ill wind over with. The Puff Sleeved Cardigan. Back to square one It was too big. Not by a lot, and it wasn’t the pattern’s fault. I […]

Donegal Trip III

We returned from Teelin and the Sliabh Liag cliffs to Killybegs, where we had booked a B&B. Killybegs is a small town and it seemed that everyone was out on Saturday night. We thought we might not actually find a place to get some food (well there was a chipper at least), but the Chinese […]

Donegal Trip II

Well, you’ve seen the woolly part of Donegal, now it’s time for some scenery! We headed west from Donegal town, which was where I met Clare O’Presco, the weaver. We passed through Kilcar but everything was shut up so we kept heading west to Teelin. There wasn’t much to it – a pub, a shop […]

Donegal Trip

Long time no chat! I spent the long weekend in Donegal with Alb. We drove north from my parents house here in Sligo on Saturday morning. I didn’t realise the road from Sligo to Killybegs had been re-done so we got to Donegal town in about an hour and a half – and that’s with […]

Up, up and away!

I am sorry I took such a crappy picture of the Moebius last night. I didn’t realise it was so crappy until I looked at it again this morning. Here is a better one, courtesy of our fine weather. It’s getting its first outing today! I picked up the remaining necessary teal Cashmerino yesterday and […]