Home again, home again jiggedy-jig

I took my chance and ran off home before anyone from college could ring up and stop me. Ha! Three blissful hours on the train this morning with a hot cup of tea resulted in this. I know it doesn’t make much sense to look at but the little rectangle missing in the middle is […]

Much better than doing the hoovering

Behold! I give you an inch and a half of Thermal placket! She measured, and it was good The pattern says to make the placket two inches long before putting in the armholes, but I think I will make mine two and a half, if not three. This is a two-pronged attack! Firstly, I want […]

To sleep! Perchance to dream…

There I was, drifting off thinking about the Electric Picnic and about how I’d like to knit Alb’s brother a hat like the one I got at last year’s EP. Then I started thinking about how I should bring a warmer hat this year, and then I thought that I should use it as an […]

Woman at Work

I’ve been getting some serious Thermal knitting done. A good job, too, because from the look of the forecast for this week, I’m going to need it for another while yet! *drumroll* I divided for the placket this morning! Horray! (A placket is a division where you put buttons). …Which brings me to another problem… […]

Springing Forward

As my sister reminded me, those of you in North America will be springing forward tonight! We, on the other hand, have to wait until March 22nd. However this doesn’t stop me from trying to spring along with you (in fact, it sort of ties in nicely with my inability to tell time). Yesterday I […]