The Beginners Class

It’s all coming back to me! Yes! So I helped out at the Beginner’s Class at This is Knit last Saturday morning. I didn’t really know what to expect because even though I teach piano, teaching a class is something I’d never done before. As it turned out, it was more just giving everyone a […]

Le Weekend

Usually, my weekends are not the most newsworthy. However this one has just flown by and I’ve been so busy! I’m turning into such a socialite… On Friday, I met La Glitz for a coffee and a ramble around town. We went in search of that great button shop off Grafton street but failed to […]

Stalker Sleeves

For some reason, reading about EZ’s mitred mittens (more about them in a minute) spurred me on to attack that sleeve for my blue raglan. I started it over Christmas and really got into a knot about how much I hate knitting sleeves. They do, however, need to be knitted, so today I decided to […]

Bonjour, mon chapeau

Another beret! Finished last night… A wonderfully quick knit, and a great pattern, too. Pattern: Beret pattern, from the Twilley’s Freedom Spirit pattern book. Yarn: Twilley’s ‘Spirit’ in colour 507, ‘Essence’. Verdict: A great beret pattern! The pattern asked for 2 balls, but I honestly thought I was going to make it on just the […]

Progress Report

I have been completely swept away by the Beret Phenomenon and cast on for another. You can never have too many! The yarn is Twilley’s Spirit – love love love the stuff – and the pattern is the beret from the pattern book which supports the yarn. The construction is somewhat different to the EZ […]