Again with the cooking

I got a liquidiser yesterday. I didn’t really have a choice in the matter. My mum sent my dad out to get some groceries, and he brought back a tonne of fruit and vegetables. Normally, this would be fine, but they’re gone away for the week so my mum gave most of them to me, […]

Saturday Baking

It is hard to believe that only last Saturday, I baked gingerbread men with my nephew! Inspired by how unmessy baking can be if you’re smart about it, and by that new cookery show I’ve been banging on about, I decided to try out some recipes from that little cookie book I picked up whilst […]

Let me be Frank

Yes, I’ll be Frank and tell you straight off: I have no photos. I left my connection cable for the camera somewhere in my sister’s house. But I haven’t been doing any knitting recently, so I suppose it doesn’t matter 🙂 Yeah, I’m a bit out of my knitting groove at the moment (as Kristen […]

Upon Request

Upon request, I’m going to stick up some photos that I took yesterday – Natural History Museum and Grand Central Station. I always feel sorry for the Chrysler building – it was pipped at the post by the Empire State and everyone seems to forget about it. I think it looks way cooler than the […]

Yarrrr! I be returning with loot!

Well, being rained out ended up being a bit dull in the end, especially since it didn’t stop until late into the night. I would hazard a guess and say it rained for about 24 hours non-stop. The 2-pint jug out on the deck was full this morning. Thankfully, the sun came out today and […]