It has been a busy few days chez neels. I finally got the second sleeve of Granny Smith done and it is now blocking like a good cardigan on my floor. This is the first time I’ve ever been bothered to block my pieces before sewing it all up. I just assumed it had all […]

Here is da nooze

As promised, I come bearing photos! Bibs on, please: here is some Lorna’s Laces… On the top, Shepherd Sock in ‘Tuscany’ and on the bottom, Lion & Lamb in ‘Lakeview’. I cannot describe the wonderful silky sheen of the Lion & Lamb. It feels as though it will have wonderful drape. I got two skeins […]

I passed!

Yes, I passed! Thank you one and all for your very best wishes… they really helped. Now, I didn’t do fantastically well, but it wasn’t terrible and it didn’t fall apart (a very real fear). It was somewhere in the middle and my mark reflected that. But considering I hadn’t had the chance to give […]

Panic stations everyone!

Oh God. The countdown has begun. My recital exam is on Friday at 11am. I hate this. The last few days always feel like the world is going to end at that time, and you’re just waiting it out, getting as much done as you can. In two days I have practically become a shut-in: […]


Phew! Yesterday was a helluva day. I had two hour and a half lessons, and it took me over an hour and a half to get home in the torrential rain. But I had my knitting with me and I got another repeat of the Alien Head top done. It’s official, they are alien heads. […]