Picture Post

Finally! Pictures as promised! Apologies for the site being down during the week. The hosting I use jigged some things around and I didn’t notice :} Firstly, check out the gorgeous mohair my SP spun for me, and the blue Cascade 220 she sent to me. Isn’t it lovely? Here is a better close up […]

What a week! My KWC project, Bliss, didn’t get finished. I’ve got the front and back pieces done, but ended up finishing the back piece the day after the final :} Not only that, but when I compared the front pieces to the back piece for length, I realised that they were two different colours. […]

All woolled out

Yes! Who would’ve thunk it? I am all woolled out. Well, not for long. I have abandoned all hope for completing my Knitting World Cup project on time. This is mostly because I have started knitting on Salina again, and I must say that I do enjoy having more than one project on the go. […]


Ils sont arriv├ęs! My Phildar order came today while I was at work. The joy of having a postman who’ll sign for you and throw it inside the sliding door! Despite my email to Phildar regarding my address, they still mixed it up. It got here though. My dad got a postcard addressed, “Brian and […]

Day at the Seaside

Today turned out to be a real beauty, so we all went for a walk in Strandhill. I had a good run and took some photos too. Strandhill and Rosses Point are very close to each other and are quite exposed. Strandhill is especially renowned for its spectacular waves and surfing opportunities. When the tide […]