Dear God

Dear God, I just checked the meterage between the ‘recommended’ Rowan Calmer and the Phildar Aviso. Calmer is about 160m where as the Aviso is 68m. What is wrong with me?!! I am going to need eight more balls. I think I should abandon ship and just keep the yarn for a vest or something. […]

We have kick off!

I knitted nearly 10cm of dense ribbing yesterday, and no matter how much effort I put into it, ribbing still just looks like ribbing so I hung on until today before posting a picture 🙂 Pattern: Bliss, from Rowan 39. Wool: Phildar Aviso, 60% cotton, 40% acrylic. This is the left front. It took nearly […]

It came!!!

A small bald man arrived in the green van with my box at lunch time. What timing! I was speechless. I opened the door, he gave me the box and I just stood there. He started laughing at me. Could it be true? …Yes! The box spoke to me. It said, Ouvrez-moi! My wool were […]

Weekend Antics

There hasn’t been an awful lot of knitting over the weekend, but I do have a sleeve to show you. Dratted sleeves. Remember how I was swooning over the fact that I only needed 6 balls to complete this? Well, of course I was wrong! The sleeves are three-quarter length. Such sleeves are useless to […]

*insert cowboy anthem here*

I keep trying to remember the words to “Home on the Range” but all I can think of are pots on a stove singing their hearts out 😛 Things have been very quiet here since I finished my concerto. I have been doing lots of knitting and lots of practice – although today didn’t have […]