I have got 15cm of purple jumper body knitted, but right now, it feels like I’ve entered the black hole of knitting: I knit and I knit, but it remains the same length. Impossible! Figure that one out, Mr. Hawking! So to keep the morale up, I embarked on a washcloth last night. I don’t […]


While I was busy last week stuffing myself with vitamins and iron and trying to get better, I just didn’t feel like knitting. But I had a bit of a zonky day on Wednesday, so I got out that enormous ball of purple wool I have and decided to knit myself a spring jumper, because […]


I don’t understand why american and european crochet terms have to be different. It is very confusing. I ripped the picot edging out from Elspeth and using the section about crochet edging in Creative Knitting, I went back around with a foundation edge of single crochet. But single crochet = double crochet really. By the […]