Phlegm Phree

It’s amazing what some quality time with your pyjamas and Bear can do for you. Now… on to the knitting! I ripped up the old Elspeth, balled it up loosely and gave it a bit of a rinse. It’s straggly looking, but at least it has lost the appearance of noodles. And here is the […]

Too sick to knit

Yesterday I was just dying, but today I’m feeling a bit better. My parents and brother are visiting and they’re about to go out for a walk. I think I’ll stay in. I haven’t wanted to knit in nearly three days! However, I have managed to finish the back piece of Elspeth and start one […]

Stash! and WIP

Double horray! My exam went well and mohair came in the post. This is five 50g balls of phildar mohair and a mohair booklet that Albert bought me as a present. drooool The mohair booklet was only a euro so I figured I’d get it to have a look. It’s entirely in French. I knew […]

No Picture Post

Monday February 13th Midyear Piano Concert! Music by Schumann and Shostakovich Katharine Brennan Hall, RIAM 3pm Anyone knocking around dublin tomorrow afternoon is welcome to come along. Academy is on Westland Row, behind Trinity and just down the street from Pearse station. All exams are open to the public 🙂 Because I’ve been preparing for […]

I’ve been bold!

Last night, I couldn’t get to sleep. I kept thinking about this ball of pink cotton I have. I know, insane. Last summer, I got this english knitting magazine called Simply Knitting. I have to say it is simply the worst knitting magazine I have ever encountered. It’s expensive, you don’t get many patterns and […]