Belated March Outfit

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! It did pour in Galway but I had a good time anyway. I didn’t finish any sleeves on my red cardigan, but I did get the button band done. I’m not sure how much yarn the sleeves are going to take so I figured I should do the […]

A little something for the weekend

Have you heard of Deer and Doe patterns? The brainchild of ElĂ©onore Klein, I found them when there were only a few available and only in French. I made the Airelle blouse already and covet pretty much every design she releases. The patterns are so very French, how could you not adore them? This is […]

January outfit #2

Nobody probably noticed but I was foiled in my attempts to post an outfit for October. There were two reasons. Firstly, all my photos were out of focus thanks to user error and secondly, in said photos, I noticed a fitting problem that I couldn’t rectify. So I have put the blouse of said post […]

January outfit

I started doing these outfit posts in spring last year and I found it a really good incentive. It gives me a focus for the month – sometimes I feel pulled in different directions – and it’s a decision I don’t make lightly. I try to make things that go with other things I have. […]

Eve of the Eve

I’m home for Christmas. In talking with others during the weekend about Christmas, it struck me just how varied and personal each and every one of our Christmases are. However and whatever you celebrate, I wish you a peaceful yuletide and safe passage should you be travelling. Now, blessing imparted, let me tell you what […]