Woman at Work

remember this particular ball of wool?….. well, today it began its birth into something a bit more exciting. i’m using a narrower version of this pattern from knitty. i made the standard size before and i’m happy to report that it adapts very easily to a smaller size. here’s how it’s going so far… the […]

New Knitty

i only just noticed the new issue of knitty is up! i love just looking at the pictures. two things that have caught my eye are this…. and this…. i have done no practice today but i am so tired, i am going to have a nap and dream about what i’m going to make […]

Stash prOn!

i went shopping today! actually, it was just for the three little balls on the right, but it turned out to be more. the large red and yellow balls are for a gryffindor scarf :} after seeing the goblet of fire last friday, and then the chamber of secrets (by fluke) on tv on saturday, […]

Au revoir, weekend

what i thought would be an ordinary weekend turned into a great weekend. i took it easy, ate good home cooking, and got some work done too. i went to sligo with my mum on saturday and i got the greatest pair of shoes ever made. i got some other things too, but on my […]

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

so last night, i slept really badly. i woke up at 3am with my head full of chopin, a really sore throat and a pounding headache. i got up to make some lemsip. when i walked into the kitchen, before i turned on the light, i noticed this strange light coming from the garden. i […]