Finger Puppets

This evening, i decided to get down to it and make some finger puppets. they don’t really look it, but the stripey one is a tiger (rarrr) and the other one is a red pig. after talking to my sister and my mum about it, i’ve decided to send them to a baby that i […]

Hot Cross Buns!

i’m not a big fan of starchy foods, but i can never turn down a hot cross bun. stick it in the microwave for 20 seconds, cup of tea, hot raisins and currants: the perfect winter treat. here’s one steaming away nicely, blissfully unaware of its fate. i’ve never made hot cross buns before, so […]

Printing Results

so after laying out my prints ever-so-gently because wet FB paper feels like it’s going to crumble in your hands… they’ve returned to their cardboard state and have done a better job at curling up than my curling tongs. to be honest, i’m not sure where to go from here with them. the good news […]

Woman at Work

remember this particular ball of wool?….. well, today it began its birth into something a bit more exciting. i’m using a narrower version of this pattern from knitty. i made the standard size before and i’m happy to report that it adapts very easily to a smaller size. here’s how it’s going so far… the […]

New Knitty

i only just noticed the new issue of knitty is up! i love just looking at the pictures. two things that have caught my eye are this…. and this…. i have done no practice today but i am so tired, i am going to have a nap and dream about what i’m going to make […]