January 31, 2008

Beret Easy!

The great thing about a hat like this is that you can use any yarn you like and still end up with something beret funky. (Sorry.)

Choose a yarn you like and needles to match its weight, preferably ones recommended on the ball band.

Using Magic Loop or DPNs, cast on 6 sts and join in the round, placing marker and being careful not to twist. If you’re going to use a very bulky yarn, you might prefer to cast on 3 sts instead of 6.

1st round: K f&b in every stitch.

2nd round: *K 1, K f&b, rep from * to end.

3rd round: *K2, K f&b, rep from * to end.

4th round: *K3, K f&b, rep from * to end.

Continue increasing in this fashion until radius measures 5″. At some point you may want to switch to a circular for comfort.

Stop increasing and work straight for 1″.

Now start decreasing at the same points where you were increasing (it helps to keep markers at these points but not crucial). For my hat, I used the SSK decrease to mirror the direction of the increases. Work decreases every round, just like the increases.

When the decrease section measures 3 1/2″ (measuring from the round you started decreasing in towards the centre), stop decreasing.

Purl 1 round – this is the turning ridge for your hem.

On the next round, start increasing at the same points where you were just decreasing. Work 5-10 rounds of increases, depending on how deep you like your hem.

With the live stitches still on your needle, sew down hem using the purled round as a guide.

Block out – I found stretching it over a plate and standing it over a radiator to dry to be effective – put on, and be fabulous!



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