Autumn pursuits

It’s been unseasonably cool here recently. There’s nothing better to kick-start one’s knitting.

Mittens for Alb.


New hat for Alb.


Wool for a new jumper…for Alb.


Someone’s been putting on the squeeze. Wool for the above projects was leftovers from his last jumper, knit from Drops Karisma. It’s a superwash and I can testify that it is perfect for anything a guy can throw at knitting: food, drink, beer, repeated snagging on door handles, countless machine washes. It’s trojan. He has requested another exactly the same.

As satisfying as it is to keep my guy warm, man knitting can only sustain me for so long.


It’s a small motif for a lace collar. There are five of these, surrounded by four larger motifs. Like the last lace project, I downloaded this from a Japanese website which was a project in itself. It is sooo pretty, I’m really enjoying it. My next task is to figure out how I can wear it…

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