A leeson and a rescue


I did nearly finish my dress at the weekend, like I said but it wasn’t how it hoped. Four inches wider than I’d hoped! You can imagine my frustration considering that I’d made a muslin! …but doubts crept into my mind. It was last winter I’d made the muslin and I didn’t have a clear memory of any alterations I’d planned. I have also lost weight since cutting out my fabric. So my lesson is this: if it’s been a while, to re-measure the pattern pieces and keep notes of what adjustments I made. Sounds obvious, right?! Anyway, I left it hanging for a day and refused to do anything until the heat of my rage had passed. The following night in bed, I realised that I could just open the side seams and take it in. Now, I’d be a bit more wary if this wasn’t such a basic pattern. I was really happy with the fit across the back as well as the princess seaming on the front. There really was just an excess at the sides. It was an easy fix and I am thrilled with how it fits now. In other news, I’ve been planning my autumn and winter knitting, crochet and sewing. This year is my most organised yet! I hope to integrate my favourite hobbies to make a few interchangeable outfits.

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