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Yesterday wasn’t the greatest day ever, so I got stuck into my knitting and here’s what I woke up with today! A completed back panel of Salina

And the start of my Kiri shawl. Just this little bit of knitting took me nearly an hour!

Today is looking to be a real beauty, if still a little nippy, so I think it’ll be back to knitting in the sun with some tea, with my coat on :} Haven’t done that in a while.

In other news, I want to tell you how impressed I am with my Yeah, I made it myself sewing book. Now, for all you John Rocca and Avoca seamstresses out there, this book is not going to win your Pulitzer. But for people like me, who started out trying to make PANTS and got discouraged when the crotch turned out like a cow’s udder – it is perfect. What I like most about it is, for the skirt patterns, there are none with extra waist bands that you have to sew on. I am really bad at doing that. Here, you just turn down a skinny hem and sew it carefully with the machine. There are two skirts in this book that I want to make right away: the A-line skirt with darts and a zip (I think I posted a picture of the page at the weekend), and the pleated skirt. I got a Vogue pattern last summer for a skirt with pleats, and the instructions were so detailed and so complicated that I just kept putting off making it. This pattern, on the other hand, seems much more straight forward. If I make it out alive after the skirts, I would very much like to try a summer dress with very basic shaping (just some darts) and no sleeves.

Looking for a fun summer pattern? Have a look at this. I might be persuaded! Also, check out design*sponge for general design goodness.

My last bit of news is that I got an email yesterday saying that my loom would be shipped today. Horray!

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