Salina etc

The back piece of Salina has been zooming along very nicely. I took it along as commuter knitting today which helped alot too. I like the waist shaping in this very much.

Another feature I like is the moss stitch at the bottom instead of ordinary rib or garter.

Although I am unsure about the cuffs on the sleeves, I am hoping that this jumper will fit me so well that I will want to make another in a different colour! I meant to take these pictures outside this morning in the sun but time got away from me, so they had to be taken on the brown sofa :S

I went to Yellow Brick Road on Saturday. The actual shop is much better than their site! I usually go to the bead shop beside George’s St arcade. Even though it has a smaller selection, it is much cheaper. But check out these lovely beads I got to make some stitch markers…

so small and pretty!

And I got some other beads to make Alb a choker. This is pretty simple, but I hope he’ll like it.

Since Salina is going so well, and it doesn’t require much concentration, I am thinking about starting a Kiri Shawl (link will open a PDF). This was my very first lace project rofl. I had to restart it about ten times, but I still managed to finish it in time to give to my mum last Christmas. The pattern recommends Kidsilk Haze, but I recommend this!


I picked it up in Yarn the last time I was there. It is so delicious looking that I put my face into it when I picked it up in the shop. The woman behind the counter was looking at me so I figured I’d better buy it – but I was going to buy it anyway 😀 I have already put my face into it three times this evening. I love this stuff even more because it is more than half the price of Kidsilk Haze. KSH is e10 for 25g. This Kiddy Print is e8 for 50g! What I like the most about the Kiri pattern is that you can knit it for one, two or three balls of KSH. I figure that I will get a good sized shawl out of my 50g. I’m not really a shawl person, but I like scarves I can wrap up around me and tuck into any nooks and crannies that are letting in a draught.

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