I scream, you scream, we all scream for french seams!

I have made a few tops recently. In some of them I used french seams and in others I didn’t. In the last Sorbetto I made, the instructions don’t say to french seam the side seams, but I did it anyway.

The Wiksten tank pattern includes instructions for such a finish.

The Violet pattern just instructs to ‘finish your seams’ after you’ve sewn them, at which point it is too late for a french seam. I wish I had considered this, and the kind of material I was working with, before moving on. Even though I zigzagged all of my edges on the widest setting, some of it has frayed a little and the zigzags are coming loose.

This is kind of disappointing but I think that until I make the leap to getting an overlocker, I need to consider using french seams more often.

What do you think? Are you afraid of french seams or do you use them all the time?

One thought on “I scream, you scream, we all scream for french seams!

  1. Your tops are beautiful. I don’t own a serger or overlocker either, but I’m very fussy about finishing seams. I had always used French seams, and I added an extra step by top stitching them to keep them lying flat. Recently I have been using flat felled seams a lot. I use these seam finishes nearly everywhere, sometimes even on slight curves. But where it’s not possible, I use bias binding on the seams instead, it might be an option for your Violet fabric if it is fraying badly?

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