Two tops

Happy Friday! Today I have two tops to show you. The first is an oldie-but-a-goodie: another Sorbetto. I had leftovers from my linen pink gingham skirt. Not enough, unfortunately, for another Wiksten, but definitely enough for this.

Really, it was very straight forward. I shortened the dart by about 2cm and redrew it accordingly. I left out the pleat. I sewed the bias tape so that it showed for the neckline but folded it inside for the armholes. The perfect, quick summer tank.

I think it would be just a tad too matchy-matchy to wear with the skirt but it looks good with a dark bottoms (which I have many of).

Spotlight of today goes to Violet. A Colette pattern that I wasn’t sold on until I saw a version sewn in a lovely eyelet. I came across something similar in Murphy Sheehy’s and decided to go for it.

Pattern link is above; fabric was about €8 a metre and I think I bought 1.5m. I sewed a size 2, I think, perhaps a 4, even though my recommended size was a 6. I didn’t want anything too blousy. I pretty much made this as per the pattern except for two small things. Firstly, in my insanity, I didn’t interface the collar. I think I figured it would be ok. It turned out a bit ripply. It looks like by itself but when worn with a cardigan, it is uncontrollable. Secondly, I didn’t do the gathers in the back. I made an inverted pleat instead.

I just don’t like gathers. I don’t like making them, I don’t like sewing them and I don’t like how they look on me. Executive decision!

I had a complete meltdown regarding the buttonholes. Inexplicably, they are horizontal holes. When I was making the hole, after the buttonhole stitching, the tack I’d made gave way and I ended up with a huge tear running from the button hole a good three inches across the front of the blouse. I’m not going to lie: there were tears. After a long time-out and a lot of encouragment from Alb, I mended it very carefully. Thanks to the nature of the fabric, my stitching was concealed pretty well so it’s not the end of the world.

Buttons are smaller versions of the ones I used on my red blouse, from Rubanesque.

Overall, the pattern is really good. Very clear with some nice finishing touches. I made a compromise cutting my size – it is a little snug under the arms but fits well every where else (I have very narrow shoulders). If this might be an issue for you, I would say go for the size recommended and you can always take it in if need be. Oh yeah – and just make a normal buttonhole! Thanks for looking and have a lovely weekend!

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