Happy Days

I was true to my word and picked up some things to have a go at crewelwork. I had to use some intuition with this because nobody knows what crewelwork is, even though they sell all the right things for it in a round about way. I had great fun picking out colours. I decided that I’d start out with a square about pincushion size and if that came out well, I’d do a cushion cover. I got some fairly dense fabric. I don’t know what kind it is. The guy working upstairs in Trimmings just said that linen cost e20 a metre and showed me some other stuff that looked just as good for half the price. So here’s my loot:

Dig the colours! I’m going to do some crazy flowers and insects.

I was in town yesterday with my mum and she bought me this great book. It’s called, Yeah, I made it myself and it’s a sewing book for people who can’t sew very well, like me 🙂 I figured it would be just a useless, cheesy book with no actual help in it, but I was quite surprised.

Although its diagrams are quite limited, I know enough to be able to figure it out. It deals mostly with skirts you can run for the bus in, very simple shift dresses, some belts and corsages, and a few knitted limb warmers. Here’s a skirt I’m looking forward to getting started on:

Today, I had planned on getting started on some crewelwork, but things changed and I ended up going with my dad and my nephew to the playground. Horray!

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