Apologies for the dead air, readers. This time of year is when I make the money that gets me through to September and, I’m thankful to say, a lot of my depressed CV-sending in December has paid off. Today I am working to shake off a cold and trying to rest whilst still being productive… and not counting down the days to the long weekend at all. Anyway, here are some shorts I finished during the week. I seem to have a thing for unseasonal shorts (it was snowing yesterday).

They’re the same pattern as the last ones.

I even used the last ones to help figure out where to put the back pockets.

Pattern: Shorts from Burda, 6/11.

Material: Denim from my K&S show stash. That stuff has gone a long way. Aaaaannnd a little surprise in the pockets…

…leftover cotton from another project, polka dot in Murphy Sheehy’s.

As you can see, I just used an ordinary zip because I didn’t have an invisible one in the right colour or length. You can still see it on the outside but it’s no big deal. I understitched the pocket fabric to the seam allowance on the front part (you can’t see it in the photo) to stop it from rolling out when I use the pocket and it seems to have done the job.

My favourite part.

I could not face stitching all of that denim down by hand. I had never done a bias binding finish like this before but it was really easy and I will be using it again for sure.

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