A practical bag

About two weeks ago, when Alb was away for work, I took a trip to Ikea. For me to do so is easy as my local bus goes right there. To go by myself, have a browse then some tea and cake before coming home is a pleasant distraction that I save for occasions such as when Alb is away. My main reason for going was to get some more of their ‘Bomull’, a cheap cotton (€2 a metre) that I use for trying out a pattern before I sew it up properly. I saw some of this heavy-weight cotton and thought immediately of this pattern.

Pattern: Practical Bag, by Tanya Whelan.

Fabric: The pattern calls for a yard but I eked this out from just 50cm of 150cm wide home dec cotton. I used the same amount of scrap home dec weight cream cotton (also Ikea) to line it. It was about €5, not counting the cost of the lining.

It is really hard to take photos of a flat, wide bag like this! I hope they somewhat convey how spacious yet compact the bag actually is. It’s a spur of the moment, going to the beach today, kind of bag. Or, in reality-land, where I’m from, it’s have to bring all this music along with my organ shoes, water, lunch and knitting, cheerful way to lug it all around, kind of bag. I think the straps are what wins out in this pattern.

Wobbly topstitching aside, these guys are four layers heavily stitched into the bag. The ‘V’ shape in the centre means the straps aren’t an annoying length but you can still wear it comfortably over your shoulder or arm.

There are pleats in the base. Here’s the lining.

Overall, it was a quick and easy project – much easier than the last bag I made. The cotton was pretty heavy to sew so I used a denim needle. It made a massive difference; sewing through all those layers, especially for the handles, was really no big deal. I think the bag would probably benefit from an internal pocket – something like a zippered patch pocket – and a magnetic closure. I also think that it would be more practical sewn in a hardier fabric, such as faux leather or oilcloth.

I have a few other things to show soon too. I am only buttons away from finishing my check blouse.

And I sewed up a sweet nothing on Saturday night…

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  1. Really like that blue bag, Aileen. Found your tip about the denim needle very useful. I must buy one of them and have it for sewing heavier materials. The chiffon top is very impressive looking. Going back to read your latest post on it.

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