Liverpool Blouse

Here we go!

Pattern: ‘Liverpool’ by Amy Butler. This comes with tunic and dress, as well as shorter sleeve length options. I made the Blouse with long sleeves.

Fabric: 1.5m of 100% cotton from my K&S stash. I think it was €8 a metre, so this cost €12 along with something like €4 for the buttons to cover. I’m pretty happy with the cost of this project.

I am happiest with how the collar and sleeves turned out. When I made my mock-up, I had trouble getting the collar stand to fit properly so I took my time when I was making it up this time. My mum helped me fit the sleeve caps. I ended up having to take them in quite a lot and basted them maybe three or four times. I was prepared to do it, though, and it paid off.

This was my first project with buttonholes so it forced me to take out my manual and finally learn how to make them. They’re really not that hard but I probably sewed about 15 practice ones before I did my blouse. Even so, one of the holes in the middle is just a touch too small. This was also my first project with covered buttons. They were lots of fun to make but the downside to having such a long shank is that they’re kind of tricky to sew on! Seeing them all sewn on now, though, makes me happy with my choice because I can’t envisage any other kind of button.

Here’s the smaller button that I used for the cuffs. Initially, when I first mocked up the pattern, I wasn’t thrilled with the cuffs. They’re kind of wide. But it meant that I didn’t have to sew a placket or gather the sleeve into a cuff, so that was the compromise. Now that it’s finished, I actually really like the cuff. I think this is more to do with the finished length of the sleeve with the cuff turned up – I can turn the cuff up over the cuff of my jumper. (I’m a bit of a show-off, really.)

So aside from fitting the sleeve cap, the one main adjustment I made was to add 1.5″ to the front – so 3/4″ to each front. I did this by marking the extra distance parallel to the bust dart and then grading it gently away up to the neckline. What I did initially was just add the extra to the whole front but my Mum pointed out that the collar fitted really well and I didn’t need the extra at the neckline. So I graded it down but kept the extra from the bustline all the way to the hem. I didn’t make any adjustments to the back at all.

It seems that the Amy Butler garment patterns run quite long – it was something I noticed in the Anna pattern too. The blouse length on this pattern comes down below my bum so I saved myself a decent amount of fabric not cutting it out. Maybe if you’re short like me and you’re thinking about sewing this pattern, this will be of some help.

The pattern overall was really clear to follow and was a perfect introduction to making a blouse. I’m looking forward to making another!

2 thoughts on “Liverpool Blouse

  1. Love love love the liverpool shirt. I’ve made 4 of them so far. Today I’m wearing one I made from a kaffe fasset fabric, Its the long version with short sleeves. I love the front band for the buttons and buttonholes. Did you put a seam in the centre back??Also,( just something I’ve noticed from my sewing classes) most machines come with a buttonhole gadget which makes doing them dead simple. Have a look in your attachment box or ask in your local machine shop. They really are the business!.

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