What’s the craic?

Last week was busy musically and quiet otherwise – I had a concert with a saxophonist in town (which went really well and we got a great audience) but my sewing machine was at the repair man. Actually, it was at the man who takes it to the repair man. This may be useful information for some of you – there is a very good Singer repair man working in Harold’s Cross but he has a north-side office in Drumcondra too. So I was able to bring my machine down on the bike (see here) and the guy in Drumcondra dropped it back to me on Saturday. A good few things needed to be replaced in it, disintegrating cogs aside, so it was good for it to get a thorough service.

The last few days have been spent on this. It’s nearly finished.

I’m really happy with how the collar and stand came out. It was fiddly at times but I worked very slowly and it paid off. Isn’t the shape of the collar cool? Just a touch of ’70s curve.

Here’s the french seam down the back. It makes a really nice finish and I think it’s a seam I’ll definitely come back to. Ever since I made my shorts, I’ve been increasingly aware of how frayed exposed seam allowances can get on the interior. I don’t have much interest in getting a serger yet, as it is costly for something I would only use occasionally, so I think this seam is a good compromise for now.

I like the cuff detail. I am a big sucker for cuffs that you can fold up over the cuff of your jumper or cardigan. I like this one especially because, for my first blouse, it saved me the extra work of making a placket for a button closure. This way, I can adjust my button placement and fold in the excess to what suits me. What I may do is put two buttons on each cuff: one to fasten the loop to as the cuff is now and another to fold the cuff in. That way, I can have a finished look if I leave the cuff loose and have the option of making it tighter.

…And speaking of buttons…

…I decided to go the way of covered buttons. Just ‘cos.

They’re not that hard. Buttonholes on the other hand…

…I’ll get there in the end.

(I’ve knitting to show but I forgot to take photos!)

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