FO: Seasonal Shorts

At least this way I will definitely have a pair of shorts when our one day of summer arrives! All joking aside, this was a most enjoyable project. It’s difficulty suited me well and I learned many things from it.

Pattern: Shorts from Burda magazine, 6/11.

Fabric: Home dec cotton from Murphy Sheehy’s. I wasn’t too fussy about a fancy fabric, I just asked the lady for ‘fabric for shorts, please’ and she suggested this. The price was right – something like a tenner as it was very wide.

This was a project of many firsts for me: first with a zip, first with matching up a pattern, first with a waistband, first with bias-cut pockets (though that was my own doing), first pattern even remotely close to pants. I’m pretty pleased with how the waistband mostly matches. It was tricky and I re-basted it a few times to allow for the curve. I think it was worth it.

This was the first invisible zip I put in. It was easy enough but I obviously didn’t stop to reflect on the fact that the zipper of an invisible zip is much bigger than a regular zip, and that therefore it would need more room at the top! Or better yet, a bit of space and a hook and eye. Still, it zips all the way up and gives the most satisfactory fit across the back. That’s not a gaping zipper in the photo, by the way, it’s the pocket. I had a lot of fun getting both the fabric of the inner pocket and the fabric of the front and back legs to all match up. (I know, I know – taking so long with these things is why I am showing this in January, not July – but it was worth it!)

I really like how they lie on the front. Having seen a lot of pant-fitting issues shown and discussed on various forums lately, I am pleased with how they fit in the crotch, too. I also love how the lines disappear into each other in the seam and darts…

…and disappear similarly in the back. The pockets on the back are so useful, I am really glad I didn’t leave them out… and that I cut them on the bias!

All in all, this was a lovely advanced beginner project that I really enjoyed and will definitely sew again. It fits great and is extremely comfortable. I have the denim I bought at the K&S show ear-marked for a skirt but if I have enough left-over, I will make another pair of shorts with them.

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  1. Those fit perfectly. Now you have a pattern that fits so you can use it to make pants, just extend the leg length and either taper the sides in or out for the style of pants you want. Lucky you!

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