Humble beginnings

This is one of the first Christmas presents I ever remember getting. I was maybe 5. It’s missing the peg for holding the spool, but otherwise still works perfectly.

It has a magic mechanism that forms the stitch without needing a bobbin. My mum cut out two pieces of mauve fabric, pinned them together, and told me to sew along where the pins were. It’s envelope shaped. There may have been a hem along the envelope flap. Mum sewed a buttonhole and helped me sew on a big button. Then, she cut up many, many strips of scrap fabric and put them into it. I spent the entirety of Christmas sewing all of these pieces together and keeping them in the bag. Simple, happy memories! I’m a bit sad that the mauve bag hasn’t been found but it’s nice to still have this wee memento.

I have been enjoying some monogamous knitting over the holidays – another 3/4 hap shawl out of the Plutolopi I got at the K&S show.

It’s hairy, it smells of sheep, it’s warm: I love it. I have one skein of each colour and there is loads in each – about 300m – so I might go for a more gigantic shawl than usual.

I hope you’re enjoying the week. I always find the time between Christmas and New Year’s very floaty indeed. Lots of knitting, sewing, ravelry and pinterest in one’s pyjamas (with or without chocolate/coffee/tea/mandarins). Let’s enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

5 thoughts on “Humble beginnings

  1. I love the wee sewing machine! I think my earliest christmas memory was a toy kitchen set… there is photographic evidence that the box it came in was used as much as the toy!

    Your mam started you off on the hard stuff. I had a darning needle, pale blue yarn and two sheets of kitchen roll when I first attempted to sew.

  2. I got a similar sewing machine as a kid… to bad I don´t know where it ended up! 🙁 Your knitting looks nice… don´t you just love Plotulopi?? Greetings from Iceland

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