We’re into the last two weeks before Christmas… no pressure! Just cranking out the acres and acres of stockinette and garter. The body of my dad’s sweater is finished so it’s on to sleeves today hopefully and the other mystery item is well over half-way so I’m on target, I think. Unfortunately, all of my photos of them looked exactly like my previous ones so I’ll just show you what else I’ve been doing.

A pleated skirt in the leftover herringbone.

I drafted the pattern in the sewing class I took a few years ago and my first attempt was not very good. When I went to cut it out again, I realised that this was because I had drafted the wrong seam allowance for the lining. Sigh! Anyway, I fixed that and it went together very easily. I got the body and lining together yesterday and a zip put in.

My yoke pieces don’t line up exactly but I can live with it for now. It’s quite loose but since I intend wearing it with at least three layers (tights, blouse etc) tucked into it, I’m not too worried about it. I’m awaiting help from my mum to mark the hem length. I have a feeling I cut it too long – but better than too short, right?

The last week was busy playing for exams scattered around the city. Saturday took me to Dundrum for the morning. I had an hour to spare at about 10am so I wandered down to the Cath Kidston shop to see what kind of oilcloth they had. I have been thinking about making a saddle-cover for my bike. I don’t think I’d leave it on my bike as it would surely be stolen but on rainy days, even when I dry it off with a tissue, it’s still damp and it would be nice to have a cover on hand. I came across this tutorial and I think it will work a treat. I found some blue spotty oilcloth in the remnants basket for €8.16. It’s only 40cm but it’s about 160cm wide so I actually have quite a lot. I made this yesterday.

It was supposed to be for my organ shoes but it’s a really tight squeeze so I think I might make another, bigger one. The pattern is the Lawn Cosmetics Bag from 1,2,3 Sew.

I absolutely cannot wait for the holidays. I am done with this term. Only nine more work days but more importantly, still twelve knitting days remain!

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