A poll and a hint

I had a pretty good weekend, I hope you guys did too! My energy levels have been really up and down recently. Some days I feel like usual; others, I feel really depleted. I think it’s a general come-down from finishing up my course and the bananas summer I had. I felt a lot like this after my last masters (a lot worse, if I remember correctly) so I’m trying not to get too stressed out about it. Anyway, this weekend I bought a new iron – only just worth going into town on a Saturday for, I did some sewing, some house stuff and got some good work in down at the organ.

I got buttons sewn on to a hoodie so I’ll show pictures tomorrow. For now, I want to ask your opinion. I am planning my next sewing projects. I have this red tartan fabric a while and I want to sew a pleated skirt.

Do I go traditional and sew a skirt like this? Or do I go for something like this? I’m tending mostly towards the latter: yoke cut on the bias, three pleats in both the front and back. I think I would extend those pleats right up to the yoke for better movement. What do you think?

I am also in the process of drafting a top. Kind of take two of this one that I made during the summer. I’m going to put in a zipper and make it fitted. And I’m going to make a rounder neckline and put in a peter-pan collar. I got my basic block drafted last night. Regarding the darts, I am only about 75% sure of what I am doing so we’ll have to see what the muslin looks like.

I spent a little while making this yesterday.

It’s a Christmas present for someone so you’ll have to wait for a better look!

Let me know about the skirt.

11 thoughts on “A poll and a hint

  1. definitely second skirt! first one has too much pleating around the hips, as well as looking like a dodgy schoolgirl effort.

  2. I think second style of skirt – much more your style :). am looking forward to progress…………….

    I had one of the first style skirts years ago and there is a lot of fabric which would be very difficult to control on a bike!!!!

  3. Like the others said, definitely the second skirt. Much more you and much less school uniform.

  4. My vote is definitely for the second skirt too. It looks much more “current”, if you know what I mean, than the other one.

  5. You know what I’m gonna say. 2nd skirt definitely. Maybe try out the lengths of the pleats by pinning? Either way, can’t go wrong.

  6. Second skirt. Also, could you tell me where you got that plaid fabric? I am trying to make a uniform skirt for a costume and I need plaid fabric just like that.

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