Some odds and ends

When we came back from honeymoon, I didn’t feel like making anything too complicated so I crocheted some dishcloths and a tea-pot mat.

I used the cotton I got on our holidays last summer in Delft, Belgium. On one hand, I regret not getting more, but on the other, one skein really went a long way and I still have about half left over. The pattern for the mat is very easy, it’s from the Japanese book Lacy Crochet.

Speaking of honeymoon, while we were away, I entered a competition on Laura Hogan‘s blog to win a subscription to her fibre club – and I won! So when we got back, this was waiting for me:

It’s a beautiful superwash merino called ‘Kalet’. Last week, I got the next installment:

It’s blue-faced leicester and called ‘No guts, no glory’. Great name, yes? Check out her shop, I’m a big fan of her fibre. Can’t wait to start spinning this stuff up.

Last wee thing is a few modelled shots of my Kiri shawl. The room where I teach is sometimes a little drafty and involves a lot of sitting, so this is how I wear it.

I didn’t actually know what it looked like from behind until I took this! I like it!

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