Luna de Miel

We got married on Saturday, August 20th so I suppose I’m now Mrs. Alb! We decided to take a long trip for our honeymoon. First stop was Salvador de Bahia, Brazil (not to be confused with the country, El Salvador or Salvador, Chile)… then the Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, 700km further south. Brazil is utterly gigantic: it is larger than Europe.

After a few days on the beach, we flew west to the IguazĂș Falls. They are an enormous set of waterfalls between the border of Brazil and Argentina. After that, we flew west into north-western Argentina, to a small city called Salta. At 1500m elevation, it’s taken some adjustment. Yesterday we visited the Salinas Grandes (see the photo above), a huge salt plain high in the mountains. Our highest point on the trip was 4170m. I had a few fainting spells and some retching along the way but despite that, it was amazing.

From here, we take an overnight bus – 18 hours – at the weekend south to Buenos Aires for the last leg of our journey. Stay tuned for more photos!

6 thoughts on “Luna de Miel

  1. Fantastic. Congratulations to you both. south America is fabulous. Must be where Gulliver went on his Travels, eh?

  2. Wow! I am completely jealous (apart from the fainting and retching!) Congratulations on tying the knot.

  3. More pics more pics! Hope ye are both having a ball!
    PS hilarious tonight, was driving home in the car and Def Leppard came on with Animal, I was immediately transported back to Sligo and your reception, LOL!!

  4. Congratulations! I hope you have LOTS of fun on your trip. And no more altitude related unpleasantness, yeesh.

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